Two Processions

Table Thought for Palm Sunday of the Passion, Sunday 25th March 2018


A sermon on Holiness, preached on the Solemnity of All Saints, Sunday 6th November 2017

Stress Less

A sermon preached at the Mass for Thanksgiving for Creation, and the Blessing of Animals, Sunday 22nd October 2017

Greater Love

A sermon preached at the Mass to Commemorate the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Start of the Battle of Passchendaele … More

Work for All

A sermon on the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard preached on the Sixteenth Weekend after Pentecost, Sunday 24th … More

Not Looking Away

A sermon on the God who does not turn his face away Fourteenth Weekend after Pentecost 2017


A sermon reflecting on Jesus’ identity questions to his disciples, “Who do others say that I am?” and “who do … More

In the Boat

A Sermon on Being in the Boat with Jesus Tenth Sunday after Pentecost 2017  

Finding Treasure

A Sermon on the Treasure found in the Field and the Pearl of Great Price Eighth Sunday after Pentecost 2017

Beyond Language

There are times when language fails us. There are other times when we fail language and they are not the … More

Wind and Fire

A small puff of air, breathing out onto a candle on top of your birthday cake is fine, but generally … More

Two CVs

I have two CVs on my desk at the moment. One is from a priest who has expressed interest in … More

Do Not Be Afraid

On Maundy Thursday students from Hunter Valley Grammar School were here in church for a visit as part of the … More

Running the Race

Introduction At all three services this weekend, I want, in place of a sermon to present to you my annual … More


I suspect that it isn’t there any longer, but many years ago there used to be a church sign outside … More

Returning to the Lord

“In baptism, God calls us out of darkness into his marvellous light. To follow Christ means dying to sin and … More

Living in the Moment

A sermon for the Commissioning of Mother Jane Trigg as the Parish Priest of the Parish of Branxton, Greta and … More

Where is Caesar?

What a contrast! What a mystery!  Here is the great Emperor Caesar Augustus, the most powerful man of his age, … More

Waiting with Mary

In September I received an e-mail that delighted and then perplexed me. It read like this: Dear Colleague, You were … More

Holy Matrimony

It is such a privilege to be here, amongst you, at Father Chris’ invitation. So wonderful for me to be … More

Have Salt in Yourselves

    In ancient times, the Greek poet Homer called salt a divine substance.  Plato described it as being especially … More

The House of God

There isn’t a week that goes by when someone isn’t working practically to repair or enhance this great church building. … More

Ascended Living

We live in a world in which ‘up’ is better than ‘down’.  Singers want to be at the top of … More

No Small Thing

Alleluia! Christ is risen!  This is the night! Five times our Deacon Will sang that great phrase of promise as … More

Faithful to the King

Whilst the world around us, even in early November, is beginning to count down towards Christmas, we here in the … More


Blessing: that is what our Gospel reading is all about, and we might say that that is what our central … More

Good Spirits

A belief in the presence of spirits – both good spirits and bad spirits – is unmistakable in many, if … More

The Big Question

The stories of the life of Jesus, as we find them, reflected upon and brought together by the Church in … More

The Motherhood of Mary

Have you ever stopped to wonder how Joseph felt about all of this?  Perhaps this is simply a window into … More

Exclusion and Embrace

Peter said to Mary, ‘Sister, we know that the Saviour loved you more than any other woman. Tell us the … More


It is probably not always uppermost in our minds when we hear the readings from the Bible Sunday by Sunday, … More

The Lighthouse

Many years ago there was a little village on a rocky seacoast.  Storms often battered that coast line harshly and … More

Bread and Wine

“That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.”  That declaration will go down in history as … More

The Tight Rope of Faith

Jean Francois Gravelet was one of the great dare-devils of history.  On 30th June 1859, under his stage name ‘Blondin’, … More

God’s Final Word

  It is early in the morning, on the first day of the week. We who are gathered here this … More

Amidst the Palms

‘Behold the Cross’ – that has been our theme this year, as we have forced ourselves during the long season … More

Living Water

The benefits of drinking plenty of water are well documented.  We know that if our water intake falls below our … More


Right back at the start of everything that we can imagine, in the beautiful picture language of the first of … More

Not Fearing Death

Snakes (not only in our culture, but around the world) have since ancient times haunted humanity.  When we use the … More


Living totally without worry will seem to most of us to be as impossible a task as living totally without … More

Loving our Enemies

As I look back over the years I have always been very fortunate with neighbours. I have had the kinds … More

Being Salty

We humans have a love-hate relationship with salt.  Doctors have told some of us who have high blood pressure to … More

The Lamb Who Pursues Us

Around the time that the architect Edmund Thomas Blackett was designing the beautiful building in which we worship today, another … More


One of the things that happens in the days immediately following our Christmas services each year is that priests around … More

The Church

When I was growing up we learnt a little rhyme with hand actions about the Church, it went like this: … More

Re-imagining God

I read an interesting statistic recently that claimed that Anglican clergymen in Australia were ten times more likely to have … More

Being God’s Family

Whatever else the Church is called to do beyond itself, in the way that it shares the good news of Jesus … More


There’s a wonderful cartoon that has been doing the rounds on the internet at the moment made up of three … More

Two Sisters

Over the next week the Brothers of Saint Gregory will be eating and drinking together in Convocation.  We will do … More

Not Looking Back

Have you ever stopped and listened to the stories that you most often recount to other people when you are … More


All Australians have become amateur psychiatrists.  The culture around us has learnt enough from the founders of modern psychology and … More

The Surprise of Easter

Christ is Risen!  Alleluia!  Christ is Risen Indeed!  Alleluia! A young man rose from poverty and obscurity, to a place … More

The Passion of Christ

Over the last few Monday evenings in this season of Lent, the congregations in the Anglican Parish of East Maitland … More


When the Pharisees come to warn Jesus that Herod wants to kill him, his response is not as surprising as … More


When I was a young boy I remember singing a Bible chorus about the Gospel reading that we have just … More


What do you want more than anything else? What do you long for, right from the very centre of your … More


For those of us who enjoy a glass of good wine, or even a bottle between friends, the Gospel reading … More

First Communion

75% of the world is covered with water. 97% of the earth’s water is in the oceans. It takes over … More

Chalk and Astrologers

Around the world this weekend priests armed with chalk, water and in many cases ladders will be walking the streets … More

The Manger

My dogs and I have a basic communication problem.  I say that the fault is with them, but I know … More

The Magnificat Dance

There’s shocking news and there’s shocking news, and we respond differently depending on what the news is all about. Hearing … More

The Importance of Time

Time is of great significance to us as Christians. Unlike the belief systems of many of the other religions of the … More